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Chapter 21

May 26, 2015
Posted at 12:06 pm

And so we start a new chapter, both in the book and in Grim's life. Welcome back!

I need to seriously thank my military consultants/editors. I couldn't have done this without the kind assistance of n12614, bumbyb, tangotulsa, and abac2856. After writing A Fresh Start many people thought that I had actually been in the military, since I knew so much. While I admit that I know more that the average civilian, I am a civilian and always have been. I simply knew a lot of guys in the services and went to a school with a lot of guys in ROTC; I got a lot of help then. As far as being enlisted, my personal experience is limited to my brother from the '80s and my son in the Navy. Any mistakes you find are mine and mine alone, and I take full responsibility!

My final comments on the word Sassenach: I received an interesting email from a reader who had argued that Sassenach was Scottish, not Irish. I argued that all my research said it was both. He wrote back: "I've now spoken to a fluent Irish Gaelic speaker and you are right and I'm wrong. Sassenach is in common usage in the Gaeltacht (Gaelic speaking regions) in the west of Ireland as a mild insult for Englishman. As they say in my northern English region, Nah then, as bin nobbut a gormless flipperty gibbet (Alas, I have been nothing but a loquacious fool.) Hey, at least I learnt something today." That's the end of the Sassenach discussion.

On a totally different topic, I got my wife to keep reading A Fresh Start. It's no secret that she is the 'real-life' Marilyn, and she has finally gotten to Chapter 37. The results have been absolutely hilarious. I am constantly asking her how far in their adventures she has gotten. Just last night a television show was discussing a criminal who was supposed to be 'rich, mysterious, and devastatingly handsome', and I said, "It's Carl Buckman!"; she flipped me off and I laughed loudly! She takes considerable offense at my description of her cooking. Every once in a while I will look over at her and see it on her computer screen, and I start laughing some more.

My publishing schedule is the same as before. I will post a chapter every Tuesday and Friday. Begging, pleading, bribery and threats of physical violence won't get anything published faster. Okay, bribery would probably work. I can't be bought but I can be rented! Book two will probably take three months to publish.


- rlfj