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Name Changes in LNDtH2

May 24, 2015
Posted at 8:02 pm

I included this in my blog on Wednesday and in the introduction to Part VI: El Rancho del Corazon, but I know how easy these things are to miss and have received several emails regarding it.

Several last names, schools, and place names have changed from the earlier version of LNDtH1. This is intentional and the entirety of LNDtH1 was reposted as v2 this past Wednesday with all the name changes made so all sections of the story are now identical. These changes were deemed necessary for several reasons.

As a result, when you get a shock and think "Brian's last name used to be Brust, not Frost, didn't it?" then you go back to the cast list for Part I, you will find that it says Frost, not Brust. You only think you remember the last name differently. Go ahead and look. They are the same! Magic!

I find it a little on the humorous side that people wrote to tell me I'd made a mistake and a name was changed, but either the previous name or the current name for the character was incorrect in the email. So just make an assumption that I'm right, okay?

Also, I want to recognize my editors once again. Floyd, Jim, and Denny, you've really done a great job with the editing and I apologize for any errors that I decided not to correct because I liked them that way or that I introduced during formatting. It's not your fault! Thank you all very much!