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May 20, 2015
Posted at 1:52 pm
Updated: May 20, 2015 - 1:54 pm

In preparation for the beginning of "Living Next Door to Heaven 2" tomorrow, I've reposted the entire first serial today. Thanks to Denny Wheeler who read and corrected all 116 chapters, finding an average of 10-20 additional corrections in each chapter. It took me a few weeks to incorporate all the changes. Having two really fine editor/proofreaders is no guarantee that every error has been caught. I found more as I was correcting the ones that had been pointed out to me. So I'm pretty sure that it isn't 'perfect.' It is, however, the last edit that I plan to make to these files.

While I was in the files, I also made some other corrections that I'd made in the Kindle versions. These were mostly in the way of changing names of some characters (mostly last names that no one remembers anyway) and of a few locations. Many authors select names from telephone directories or other similar directories. I do that, too, only the directory I use is in my head and includes everyone I've ever known. In creating LNDtH, I was reminded many times of people I grew up with. Even though none of the characters in the story are actually modeled after more than one characteristic or event, taken together they were all too close to the names of real people. So, to protect the innocent and to bring the names more closely in line with those in the Kindle books, I made the changes in this version.

Now, on to LNDtH2. I need to get the first files ready for posting tomorrow. If you are doing an all-nighter tonight in order to read the entire 116 chapters of LNDtH1 before #2 posts tomorrow, good luck! I have included a pretty comprehensive cast list at the beginning of LNDtH2 Part VI: El Rancho del Corazón. This part picks up right where Part V left off. Enjoy!