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Coming Attractions

May 20, 2015
Posted at 1:20 pm

Hi All,

Tomorrow begins the continuation of the story I started in "Unending Night."

Unlike that story - which was written in about six hours and posted in one piece - this one is a serial that has taken me a few years to put together.

It is 116 chapters and is scheduled to run into December, barring the unforeseeable. As I normally do, I will post four chapters per week (two either Monday or Tuesday and two more either Thursday or Friday as my time permits).

This is also not the end of the story for the duo. I have outlined the final part of their trilogy and plan to start working on it by the end of the year if I can complete my research (and a couple of other stories that are near to the end) by then.

It will appear in late 2018 if things go as scheduled (which they rarely do).

I hope the readers enjoy Andy and Regan's "Unforgettable Weeks" and will return to follow the couple's "Unimaginable Lives" when I get that one completed.

Best wishes,
Jay C.