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May 19, 2015
Posted at 1:42 am

Unsettling Chapters

All right, I'm expecting this chapter to get bad ratings. It's the most unsettling chapter of the entire story.

As I was writing the story, my editors kept telling me, "You know, sending lone women into hostile environments is dangerous." In fact, they said it so much, I decided I should acknowledge it in the story. That's where chapter 12 originated.

I don't expect anyone to like this chapter. It's included to remind readers of what the girls face going forward, and to make them cautious about each new chapter.

However, I'll assure you now, the story gets better from here on out. Although other characters die, no other primary characters get eliminated.

Believe it or not, the chapter was worse. I had multiple deaths in the chapter, but one reader complained, saying "This is really overkill. Killing the one character is bad enough, but the rest is just piling on." So I cut half of the original chapter.

Hope the chapter doesn't upset anyone too much.