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The Freshman

May 18, 2015
Posted at 6:01 pm

Chapter 5 of The Freshman, has been submitted for posting on, Storiesonline.




An Erotic Story

By: JRyter

11 Chapters - 123,300 words(+-)

Eighteen year old Ray Harrison is fresh out of high school with plans to attend Kansas State University. Ray's hopes of living in a dorm, joining in all the crazy antics he's seen in the news about college students having fun, are about to be dashed.

He's an only child-his parents are school teachers and very strict in their convictions. They have other plans for Ray. Plans which do not include him living in a college dorm!

Ray Harrison will live off-campus with his mother's younger sister, Aunt Kathryn.

He attends K-State to earn his degree, but the day he moves in with his young aunt, his real education begins. Kate - as she insists he call her - teaches Ray things he'd never learn in a classroom.

Ray proves to be an exceptional student of his aunt's tutoring and by the time the holidays come around, he's earned his Masters in Human Sexuality.

Contains Sexual Situations
including, but not limited to:
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