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Not panicking--yet

May 16, 2015
Posted at 12:44 pm
Updated: May 16, 2015 - 12:45 pm

I had almost let it slip my mind. How hard can it be to accept all the changes from my last editor in the line and then format the chapters for upload?

Oops. I forgot that after they were formatted, I always proofread one more time. And it's a good thing. Oh, the spelling and punctuation are fine, but there's the whole thing about missing Courtney's birthday entirely. (How could I not include a birthday spanking for the poor girl?) About not having Sandy show up early enough. About who was in what location at what time. About a screwed up date. About repeatedly using the same word in consecutive sentences.

And maybe even more important, having at least fifteen chapters ready to upload with their release schedule the day Chapter 1 posts.

I'm also planning to repost LNDtH1 as version 2 at the same time so there is continuity with the things I've changed down the line. Not big things, but mostly last names of people that too closely resembled the names of people I once knew and had no intention of implying a relationship with. So five days away from releasing the Intro, Cast, and chapter 1 of LNDtH2, I get two new clients who need contracts, edits, and eBook conversions. Oh, dear me!

Overall, I'm pleased with the editing and the pace of the writing, though it is a little slower than I anticipated. I had to do some extensive rewriting of sections (that hadn't been sent to the editors, yet) based on research I've been conducting at Indiana University this week. I've even managed to locate and take pictures of some houses and barns that are similar to the ones our happy crew will be moving to.

I walked all over campus taking pictures of classroom buildings, scale models, and sorority houses, all the while trying not to look like a stalker. I've decided that if I ever settle into one location instead of traveling all over the country, Bloomington, Indiana is on my list of possibilities. Politically and religiously compatible and--Oh, my god!--thousands of beautiful coeds!

The sum result? I will shortly upload the first chapter scheduled, for posting on May 21. It is almost time to start Living Next Door to Heaven, Part VI: El Rancho del Corazon!