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Errors & Omissions

May 16, 2015
Posted at 5:54 am

I've just re-submitted some corrections to Chapter 5 of Off The Deep End. I know I've posted before about my late night writing habits - currently, with a particularly busy period of my day job, it's the only time I have free.

I also wanted to just mention how awesome SOL is as a writer. I mean, you know that it's quite amazing as a reader - all these amazing stories, arrayed for our reading pleasure - but as a writer, I get lovely encouraging e-mails and helpful comments. Including ones pointing out typos that I missed. ^_^;

For me, this is a different and very public way of writing. I know the story I'm writing, I know where it is supposed to go, and I have the outline already done but for me, posting chapter by chapter is a new experience. In the past I've written, re-written, never shown others and then re-written some more. Then put it in a drawer or in some cases deleted the files. And when I was younger, before I had a computer of my own, I burned the longhand originals on more than a few occasions.

So thanks, everyone. And I hope you keep enjoying my writings.