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Chapter 331 of Book 3 is in the queue

May 15, 2015
Posted at 3:42 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...The two had walked what seemed to Eileen to be miles of corridors. As they stepped through yet another of the strange looking doors/hatches, she glanced at Bill. "And this is?" she asked as she motioned to the seemingly endless rows of shimmering somethings… machines maybe, the rows so long that they seemed to fade into the distance, and those rows also appeared to slope slightly upward.

Bill glanced at her, the uneasy feeling again accosting his nerves just as it had the other times he had entered this area. "Feel it?" he asked.

"Yeah," Eileen quickly replied, unconsciously hugging herself as if she felt cold. "It's just… I don't really know; it feels like something is going to happen - something I wouldn't like, I suppose."

Bill let out a somewhat forced chuckle. "Let's just call it a feeling of uneasiness. Jeff says it's a result of the equipment here."

"But what is this place?"

"Jeff says it's the engine room. This is where Ship manipulates the dimensions, plus the… area also contains her warp drive and translation engines."

"Translation engines?"

"As best I understand it, she uses them for reasonably short distances - and I'm not sure what 'short' actually means - but she translates from one place to another. For longer distances, she has some type of warp drive. She can also use a slower propulsion system utilizing her inertialess drive as she did when Arlene took us up a little while ago."

Eileen's unease increased as she tried to focus on the long line of… equipment. The harder she tried to focus on the shimmering things, the more uneasy she felt. "It feels as if all this is… working, or something, but the Ship is just sitting still, isn't it?"

Have a goodun;