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Chapter 16 of Wizards, and looking for an editor

May 14, 2015
Posted at 8:18 pm


Well, after a delay, chapter 16 is up. The delay does mean chapter 17 is half done, so who knows, you may see that soon. My editor has seen various disasters befall him of late, one reason things are taking longer. I like his work, and he'll be my main editor going forward. However, I'm interested in having someone go over some of my older stuff and he just doesn't have the time. So, I'm looking for another editor.

The first job would be A Servant of Wisdom. I need a fresh pair of eyes to go over it and clean things up. Having read it again with the intent of making changes, I think it holds up as it is so we're talking grammar and typo stuff. I will listen to problems you see. May not do anything, but I'll listen :) Contact me if you're interested in the job.