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Friday Night Lights!

May 8, 2015
Posted at 8:09 am

Here, down in the antipodes at least, it's a Friday night. I am busy banging out the future chapters of "Off The Deep End". It turns out that Friday nights bundled up on the sofa (with a bottle of red) tend to be my most productive in terms of word count. I need to be sober to make sure it's readable (which is Saturday morning's gig), but Friday night sure is great for the muse. I imagine it has something to do with it being the furtherest point away from the professional shit-storm that is my Monday morning.

In the past week, I have had so much wonderful feedback. I am new at this kind of writing, and so reader feedback is so valuable and precious to me. I do respond to every bit of e-mail I get, so please keep your comments coming.

I had some questions that I thought was worth sharing the answer to here: Yes, I was a member of a swim team during high school and I did place pretty well, but no characters are based on specific people. I find it easier to construct amalgams for my characters, based on the requirements of the story. I could break down James, Derek, Nao and Zoƫ into specific people but that would be boring.

And now, back to the story writing!