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The Definitive Circle Jerk White Paper.

May 5, 2015
Posted at 8:35 am

Dear Randy Readers,

Thanks to the savvy respondents in here, an exhaustive, peer-reviewed study - - Circle-Jerking, Truth or Myth? - - will be published in the esteemed British journal, Jackalot.

Here's a sneak preview:

> No, circle jerks aren't common. Rare, in fact. (One wag did claim to have been part of a triangle jerk.)

> Boy Scout outings were an exception. Group masturbation (frequently-cited number of participants: five) wasn't common, but wasn't unknown.

> Twosomes, like with my Jimmy, were more evident.

> Cross-masturbation - - known forensically as jacking each other off - - wasn't habitual, but was evident. My own son is but one example.

> Reader interest in this study exceeded all previous topics.

Keep it up!


P. S.

This practice, Circle Jerkoffitus, has been observed in the wild. A co-worker, a mother, a pal, documented it to me years ago. She saw her son and three co-conspirators from a distance. Since she told not only me, but two other attorneys, her eyewitness testimony is dispositional.

P. P. S. Mods … is there a way to conduct a poll that doesn't require an email response to an individual account? In other words, when someone poses a question, could the readers register a vote directly to this forum?