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What do you boys expect on a first date?

May 4, 2015
Posted at 11:18 am

Dear Randy Readers,

When I was 11 or 12, lo those many years ago, I wasn't dating, but I was sneaking. Some of my girlfriends were startled that I not only made out with older boys, I enjoyed it.

Some mutual tongue fucking, feeling each other up … the usual stuff that kids experiment with. I can still remember the first guy I jerked off and I've enjoyed the sight and sensation - - spurt after spurt - - ever since. I was also the first in my little group to suck a guy off. (Although I wasn't the first to loose her cherry.)

When I was old enough to date, I established a rule of thumb that I still use to this day. If I like a guy enough to go out to dinner with him (not just drinks), then the least I'll do is suck him off.

What seemed sort of slutty when I was a young teen, now seems almost polite. The guy works up his nerve to ask me out. Comes by to collect me. Buys me a nice dinner. Unless he does a Jekyll and Hyde on me, he can count on at least a thank-you blowjob.

Maybe more.

At 50, I rarely date anyone under 30, so I imagine most of my guys have a built-in expectation that some form of adult enjoyment is in the offing.

So, what are your realistic first-date expectations?

Keep it up!


P. S. When you're sitting across a restaurant table from your date, don't underestimate her own anticipation. That certain tingle. When I'm on a first date, I listen, but I also imagine. What will this one be like?