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Apocryphal? Still funny!

May 4, 2015
Posted at 8:18 am

I had a lovely e-mail from a reader who pointed out an error in my usage of ¨ in a character's name - I shall try to avoid final proof-reading and uploading at 1.30am on a Saturday morning after a full on work week and a few (too many) glasses of wine. When I was checking the chapter and making corrections, I found a few other punctuation errors. I have fixed and re-uploaded the chapter.

And will make sure that I don't drink and upload in the future. ^_^;'

The reader who mentioned my incorrect usage of the diaeresis (which I now know the name of!) included this little nugget, which although sounds apocryphal, still funny. Particularly if you've been reading "Off The Deep End".

It is said that the English writer Doctor Samuel Johnson was walking down a London street when a woman came up to him and said, "Why Dr. Johnson, your member is sticking out." He looked down and adjusted his codpiece and and said, "Madam, you flatter yourself. It was hanging out!"

I laughed.