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How Dare You!

May 1, 2015
Posted at 11:09 am

Dear Randy Readers,

I race through the process of writing my little stories, churning them out when I can steal a few minutes. I zap them to Jimmy who posts them here when he has time.

At first, I paid zero attention to the daily report card that readers submit to grade the writers.

Then, I became a little insulted with my low scores. I'd gone from mildly irritated to mildly angry.

I am, after all, obviously superior to other writers whose scores top mine. Top mine by a lot.

First I rationalized that the site's algorithms are off. Then I decided that the readers in here must be dull-witted. Idiotic, if not demented.

Reality settled in.

I'm 50 - - out of touch with many of you. A mother of two children.

Not everyone's cuppa.

Oh well, different strokes and all that.

Stay tuned!


P. S. Thanks to a reader's suggestion, I'm thinking of changing my sign-off from 'Stay tuned' to 'Keep it up!' In acknowledgement of, and appreciation for, this site's readers. Even as they grade on a curve.