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Thanks For Reading

May 1, 2015
Posted at 8:40 am

I've been really gratified by the response to "Off The Deep End".

The title has more than one meaning, I guess. Obviously it refers to the story, with swimming featuring as a major part of the plot and the protagonist (James) being quite in over his head with regards to the ladies.

The other more obscure meaning (which I've only noticed whilst writing this blog post) is that this is the first bit of erotic writing I've ever shared with other people. I've written other things before (under different names) and am currently working on two 'proper' novels that have no explicit sex in them at all.

I was lamenting a particularly difficult bit of writer's block and a friend suggested that I try writing something 'throwaway' to get back in the groove, flush out the pipes, clear the air. And that 'throwaway' turned out to be a pretty solid story, so I thought I'd start posting it here.

I'm very thankful for the messages and the votes that I've received. "Off The Deep End" has a very definite ending planned, and I'm alternating editing the last few chapters with beginning the first write of another story, tentatively titled "New Horizons".

Please keep on reading and giving me feedback. Thanks again for the support.