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Playoffs + Draft = Delays

April 30, 2015
Posted at 11:51 pm
Updated: May 1, 2015 - 2:35 am

Friends who know me well understand my need to do it but some have a problem with my deep need to watch every single pick of the NFL Draft. As far as I know, if I don't watch each pick, then the universe will continue on it's current trajectory. If I don't watch every second, well the consequences are too evil to fathom so we won't.

Team this with the Spurs playing at the same time has me watching the draft and DVR the Spurs game. As such I don't know how it is ends but I will watch it in it's entirety tonight. So no spoilers.

As such there will be a delay in this week's update. But I may have good news regarding editing and proof reading. But i won't know that for a positive until next week.

Until then... stay classy SOL.


Okay, the Cowboys got themselves a DB with great potential and the Spurs let one slip through their fingers. But Danny Green finally hit a couple of threes and Marco Belinelli kept the good guys in the game.

Oh well, at least I have rounds 2 - 3 tomorrow and then rounds 4 - 7 on Saturday so life is good.