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Blackfeather Now on Kindle

April 28, 2015
Posted at 8:00 am

The complete novel, Blackfeather, is now available on Kindle at This is not a tease. The complete story will continue to download on SOL according to the same schedule it has had from the beginning, posting two chapters every other day. Blackfeather is my eleventh Kindle eBook of my stories.

I am often asked how a reader can 'support' my writing. I do not advertise a Paypal account where you can make donations. Instead, I produce professional quality eBooks with good covers, easy reading layout, and a good story. If you just can't wait for the next eleven chapters of Blackfeather, or if you just want to support the author as I hunt for another campground and a cup of coffee, then please consider buying the book. Even if you do not have a Kindle, remember that you can download free Kindle software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPad.

I will be posting an announcement on my Facebook page as well at Like the page and share the announcement with others! I greatly appreciate it!

Speaking of campgrounds, I'm currently making my way through Georgia. I'm in Ashburn for a couple days and will spend the weekend in Atlanta. Then northward through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. I have to visit Brian's ranch near Bloomington! If you are in any of those areas and want to help me find that cup of coffee, let me know!