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A Dry Heat

April 19, 2015
Posted at 1:56 pm

It is one of the most frustrating events in my life, in any writer's life. You sit down and look at your blank page on the monitor - place your fingers over the keys - and nothing, absolutely nothing happens. You have ideas, oh your brain is full of ideas, maybe too many ideas, but nothing comes out. Well, it is over and I'm able to write again and low and behold too many ideas, you have to settle on one thing at a time. Rather than work on my westerns at the moment I'm starting a new novel. Not the second story of the Newsome story that is a November project for NaNoWriMo project. A new story a long one - perhaps 40 to 60 thousand words the first chapter has been written. I have sent an email to the editor asking if he is interested in editing for me anymore. I haven't heard back from him yet - I wouldn't mind a second editor if anyone wants to tackle me. Editors seem to be quite hard to find and I am quite pleased with Sicotte and hope he answers me soon. Still one more set of eyes seeing it before I put it up couldn't hurt.

Sorry I have been silent so long - there are two stories nearly finished in the western series and I will go through them soon and post them up during the writing of this story.

The working title of the new novel is 'A Dry Heat' - it is the third try at a title and still not satisfied.