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Am I a Slut?

April 18, 2015
Posted at 10:53 am

Am I a slut?

Absolutely not. Do I enjoy fucking? Absolutely yes.

Are women unfairly branded because of our sexual appetites? Not my concern.

I'll leave the categorizing, the name calling, the accusations to my more learned colleagues. My personal take is that women enjoy, and have the right to enjoy, sex as much as our male counterparts. Without censure.

But I'm no crusader. I'll leave that up to other, more able, champions. I brought the slut subject up only because of some readers' reactions to my little stories in here.

For my part, I'll continue to enjoy my life to the fullest. Food, drink, a little dope, friendship, career, sex. Pizza.

Stay tuned!


P. S. Jimmy and Jenny are not, so I choose to interpret, overly concerned with my rather frank stories. Thanks guys!