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April 18, 2015
Posted at 8:07 am
Updated: April 18, 2015 - 6:24 pm

I took a day off from writing LNDtH2 to finish formatting, final edit, and uploading of all the remaining chapters of "Blackfeather." The story will continue posting every other day until May 7. Thank you for all your kind comments and for scoring this story so highly. I appreciate it!

Speaking of LNDtH2, I'm nearly finished with Chapter 12. It is my priority to write as much of this story as possible in the next two weeks and start it through the editing process. I'm guessing "Part VI: The Ranch" will be about thirty chapters and 200,000 words. The story is developing nicely and when it starts posting, everything will be ready to bring it to a satisfactory breaking point again. That will mean I have about 90 days to get Part VII written and finished. I don't have the title for Part VII figured out yet, even though I know the story.

I'm not usually into teasing in my blog posts, but just reread this little bit and decided to give you a sneak-peek at what is coming in LNDtH2. Ready?

Sometimes I believed what I saw in the magazines and all the photos I'd collected. I believed she was a glamour girl with perfect skin and a perfect body, always perfectly coiffed and perfectly attired. That was the only way anyone ever saw her. The girl lying next to me had tangled hair with a stray bit of hay caught in it. She had a little pimple on her jaw next to her ear. She wore an old t-shirt and ratty pair of sweatpants. She snored softly against my chest and there was a wet spot where she drooled.

She was beautiful.

One arm was thrown across my chest and I lay my hand on it, feeling the warm texture of her skin and the fine blonde hair that grew on her arm. She didn't stir again, so I just lay there watching her-touching her arm softly and holding her. I fell back to sleep.

I better get back to writing now.