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The Incest Primer: Corrected Edition.

April 17, 2015
Posted at 8:34 am

Dear Randy Readers,

While some of the facts in the original Incest Primer may bear a passing resemblance to reality, most of the earnest text doesn't stand up to scientific scrutiny. Trust me, I'm an attorney.

An attorney who, once Jimmy lured me into this writing gig, did her homework. I've read some of the stories on this site and on another site.

From this exhaustive research I can report that mother-son incest is quite common in American culture. As are tight pussies and huge cocks. As well as vast quantities of cum. These are the facts, facts that are repeated frequently in our national lexicon.

While the Primer author may be, and probably is, well intentioned, he would profit by first doing the type of forensic research that I have done over the course of several minutes. We should, of course, give full and fair ventilation to his quixotic theories. Which I did when I skimmed parts of his treatise.

In any case, the Primer is a good conversation starter, but I do hope the writers in here don't follow its unintentionally misleading guidelines.

On the creative side, I'm thinking of those magnificent black and white drawings. Back in the Art Nouveau period. Is it Aubrey Beardsley I'm trying to remember? The artist who drew naked men with cocks three feet long?

Mr. Beardsley's subversive art was exaggeration to make a point. From my personal experience, I can, quite accurately, report that only a disappointingly small percentage of erections exceeds 18 inches.

As the learned wordsmiths, assembled here in solemn conclave, so nobly illustrate, the artiste sometimes sees more clearly than the scientiste.