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Hmm ... which would you prefer?

April 14, 2015
Posted at 10:45 am

Dear Randy Readers, (I hope you're randy anyway!),

It's a rather delicious dilemma for me. My son Jimmy and I have concocted a silly little 'I Dare You!' wager. Whoever has the higher score for any one of our stories at a certain date gets to Dare the other one.

(Jimmy's 'Lola' has a current score of 6.81. My 'Fat is Finer' stands at 6.71. So we're both in the sort of mediocre range.)

At first I wanted to win. Wanted to a lot. However, thinking it over, I wonder. Would it be more fun for me if Jimmy wins? If Jimmy makes the Dare?

Whoever does Dare the other one will reveal a lot. I Dare You to kiss me is one thing. I Dare You to fuck me, quite something else. (No, neither of us would do the fuck Dare. That's just an extreme example.)

So, the question before the jury: would you rather Dare or be Dared?