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Pring book price reductions

April 14, 2015
Posted at 12:19 am

For those who haven't checked lately, I've been working on my books. Among other changes (graphics, fonts, corrections) I yanked them off of Amazon (you can now only buy them directly from, and by doing so I've reduced the prices from $9.98 to $13.98 to $7.98 for every single book!

Previously, the print book prices were prohibitive ($13.98 vs $4.99 for the ebook), but I'm hoping the cheaper prices will sell a few more books (since no one bought any at the overly inflated Amazon inflated prices).

Check them out, even if you're not interested. I've replace the fonts on the covers, changed the cover of "Love and Family During the Great Death" entirely.

If you've purchased any of the ebooks, you should download the latest versions, as I've made changes to them too. (Note: The Amazon aren't fully up to date yet, simply because I haven't had time yet.)