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The Freshman

April 13, 2015
Posted at 9:24 am

Beginning Monday, April 20, 2015

An Erotic Story

By: JRyter

9 Chapters - 98,000 words(+-)

Eighteen year old Ray Harrison is fresh out of high school with plans to attend Kansas State University. Ray's high hopes of living in a dorm, joining in all the crazy antics he'd seen in the news about college students having fun, are about to be dashed.

He's an only child-his parents are school teachers and very strict in their convictions. They have other plans for Ray. Plans that do not include him living in a college dorm!

Ray Harrison will live off-campus with his mother's younger sister, Aunt Kathryn.

He attends K-State to earn his degree, but the day he moves in with his young aunt, his real education begins. Kate - as she insists he call her - teaches Ray things he'd never learn in a classroom.

Ray proves to be an exceptional student of his aunt's tutoring and by the time the holidays come around, he's earned his Masters in Human Sexuality.

Contains Sexual Situations:
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