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Chapter 326 of Book 3 is in the queue

April 10, 2015
Posted at 3:39 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...In the basement, Evie, Dave, Kim and Linda maneuvered the cart onto the elevator. "Another inch so the door will close," Evie instructed her husband as he squeezed the box a little farther in. On the first floor a moment later, she stepped out into the foyer to check before waving Dave forward.

He glanced at his watch. "No use worrying; it's after two. They're either screwing each other's brains out or asleep. Same for everyone else." Just like we were, he mentally added. We could have done this at midnight and they would never have known. Fuck, it's in a big friggin' box. No way will they ever guess what it is, even if they do see the box early. But he knew better than to voice his thoughts aloud when his pixie little wife was on a roll.

When the box was clear of the doors, Evie sent the elevator back down for Linda and Kim. Shortly, they were all together again. Hurrying down the hall to the next intersection, Evie carefully peeked, then waved everyone forward. Finally, they were at the living room door and she again motioned for them to wait as she carefully inspected the mostly darkened room before waving Dave forward with the giant present.

"Now we need to move all these presents," she said, motioning to the right side of the tree. "We'll put ours right there," she instructed, pointing, "then restack everything on and around it. I don't want the box to even show in the beginning. Eventually, as they give out the presents, they'll notice there's a big box under everything else."

"They're gonna know what it is as soon as they see the box," Dave worried, contradicting what he had said earlier.

But Evie was shaking her head. "Bull. Jeff just mentioned it the one time and you told him everything was taken care of."

"Well, he was a little out of it, so maybe it will be a surprise after all. Hell, I hope they like it. You sure Diana isn't going to freak when she sees it?"

Evie let out a quiet giggle. "I know what Di will do with it, and freaking isn't even close."...

Have a goodun;