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Don't skip the multiple "Introductions"!

April 10, 2015
Posted at 11:22 am

For anyone starting my "Seeding Hope Among the Ashes", I just wanted to warn you not to skip the "Intro" under each section. When I wrote the story, I broke it into subsections representing each new city the girls visit. As such, the sections are essentially a series of interconnected short stories with a completely different cast facing different issues. In order to transition between these different sections, I included a one to three page (typewritten) overview--most often in the form of one of David's broadcasts--which either explains where they're going and what they're facing, or in a few cases, wraps up what happened in the previous section.

As such, they aren't just a rehash of the Prologue. Instead, they provide the transition from one story to the next, tying the separate events together.

When I submitted the story to Lazeez (the god-king of SOL), I was informed that section heads can't contain text. So we worked out a compromise where the section head text would be included in a separate "Intro" for each section (confusing, I know).

Since 20% of readers (currently) aren't reading these pages, I'll probably address the issue by posting a note within the story itself, advising readers to review the material before skipping it. They set up the coming sections by outlining which issues will be addressed, and who'll be appearing in which cities.

I'll admit, it's probably much more confusing than it needed to be, but it seemed the best way to tell the story (it works much better in print form). But rest assured, I have no plans to recycle this technique in any other stories. 'D