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Back Again (Great Death)

April 9, 2015
Posted at 12:36 am

After a long delay, my Great Death series continues with Seeding Hope Among the Ashes. As usual, it takes the story in a different direction.

A few other details. I've revised the covers of most of my books, as well as adding corrections and some graphics (chapter names). If you purchased any of my books, you should download the latest updates (the Amazon books are a little behind schedule).

I'm working on a few new titles, a detective story and the sequel to Stranded (though I'm reworking the entire story).

You can view the story as I post it (about a day before) on my website You can also review my books at

This book starts a little slow as it recounts much of what happened as well as laying out where the story is going (in the Prologue). This book is broken into nine different sections representing each city visited. Each section contains an Introduction which lays out what the characters in that section face.