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It will take me a while...

April 6, 2015
Posted at 9:44 pm get back to the dozens of people who responded to my request for triggering events for a do-over. I have more suggestions than I have any idea what to do with. Some of them came with fairly well-thought-out suggestions for an entire story-line. Others just pointed to an author or story they'd read. Thank you so much for improving my knowledgebase.

As it happens, I had a sudden thought about what would trigger my hero out of the present and into the teenaged self. I wrote it down before I started going through all the email. I'm happy to say that while close in one instance, it was unlike any of the couple hundred suggestions in the emails. Now if I just had a do-over story to apply it to!

Don't look for that story anytime soon. I have about ten story-folders with ideas and concepts for stories that I have no time to write at the moment. I think I should focus on getting the next 700,000 words of "Living Next Door to Heaven" finished.

I will try to get back to everyone, but in the meantime, thank you all so very much!