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Chapter 325 of Book 3 is in the queue

April 3, 2015
Posted at 3:50 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...Jesse was waiting at the kitchen door when the women came out, Alesha well back in the group as she talked to Melissa. When Alesha got abreast of him, Jesse kissed her, then flipped her over his shoulder, and turning, jogged down the hall amidst the giggles and laughter of the other women.

Alesha had let out a startled squeak as Jesse dropped her across his shoulder, but it seemed to take her a second to realize just what had happened. When she tried to protest, her diaphragm bumping against his shoulder as he jogged along almost made her gasp out before she managed to move a little to get the pressure off. Finally, she took a breath and had opened her mouth to snarl a protest, when his hand descended smartly against her ass, and in a command voice, he said, "Be still before you make me drop you." Then much quieter, but with feeling, "You've proven your point. You aren't, and never have been, a slut. What you did, you did to survive, as I've tried to tell you a thousand times. It's Christmas Eve, and our first Christmas together, and by damn, I mean for us to be together. You can charge me with rape tomorrow if you want, but tonight, we are going to make love."

She opened her mouth to respond with a negative retort, but his hand again descended with a loud "crack" onto her conveniently upturned ass. It burned, but to her consternation, she realized that she was getting wet. Still, she stiffened and tried to pry herself from his shoulder, but he gave no indication that he even noticed. Feeling his strength made her even wetter. Realizing how close her pussy was to his head, He'll smell me, she thought as her face flamed with embarrassment.

Her struggles and thoughts had kept her occupied, and she hadn't realized they were near their suite until he opened the door, then hurried into their bedroom to toss her onto the bed. With a flick, he pulled his shirt over his head while kicking his shoes off, his socks following seconds later. As she tried to sit up, he gently pushed her back and dropped his pants and shorts...

Have a goodun;