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Pushing Forward

March 29, 2015
Posted at 11:45 am

I have the final edits on the first nine chapters of "Blackfeather" and expect the final edits on the next nine by the end of next week so--assuming I get them formatted--I'll start posting the story on Wednesday. Also assuming I get the last three chapters written and off to my editors.

I'm anxious to start (continue?) writing LNDtH2 in April. My goal is to have "Part VI: The Ranch" finished and ready to post by the end of April. Dream much? There might be some overlap between the posting of "Blackfeather" and posting "LNDtH2".

Of course, chaotic mind that I have, I have started four new stories in four different genres. I have a new "Pygmalion" story about a quarter written. I have "The Props Master Prequel: Behind the Ivory Veil" about half rewritten. I have the start of an outline for volume three of the "Redtail/Blackfeather" series. What I need are a couple more ideas.

In the meantime, I want to thank over 500 of you who showed your support by downloading Redtail for Kindle this week. You drove the book into the top ten in its category in six different markets: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and Japan. Please encourage others to buy the book (now that it is off special), give it as a gift, and review it. I hope you will all take a minute of your time to vote for it in the Clitoride awards at in the categories "Best Erotic Western" and "Best Incest Story". And while you are there, check out the other great stories that have been nominated in so many different categories this year. 2014 was a good year as far as new stories were concerned.

It won't be long now. More stories are coming!