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Chapter 324 of Book 3 is in the queue

March 27, 2015
Posted at 2:44 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...Apparently, the steer was more familiar with ATV's or snowmobiles than horses, because he had obviously not counted on Jessica's temper and Molly's teeth. Although Molly would occasionally nip at a determined escapee if the animal refused to comply, she never actually bit unless Jessica gave her permission to do so. A little too aggressive a bite and it would be time to call the vet, or to practice some home stitching techniques. Unfortunately, when Jessica had left this morning to check on the cattle in this section, she had not dressed to be out in the cold for hours, expecting to be leaving shortly to go help the Matthews. Her coat and jeans were warm enough for a short time in the saddle, but not for the extended period she had been forced to endure. Further irritating her was all of them being late. She did not promise to be somewhere and then not show up on time. She hated to be late. Irritated at the stubbornness of the yearling that was making them later and later, she leaned forward and quietly spoke in Molly's ear.

Molly snorted and lunged forward, quickly overtaking the yearling's latest zigzagging bolt. Reaching her long neck out, her snapping teeth connected firmly with the young steer's left hip. With a startled and very un-bull-like squeal, eyes rolling, he glanced over his shoulder at what he perceived to be death bearing down on him. Suddenly, the nice safe pasture and the waiting herd held an overwhelming appeal. Tail waving wildly and shit flying, he put it in go gear and headed for the gap in the fence, braying all the way, the horse continuing to snap her teeth only inches from his heaving ass. As the yearling streaked through the gap, Molly pranced behind, proud of herself, her head and tail held high as the humans cheered.

Still on horseback, mom and daughter passed each other to slap glove-clad hands in a high five...

Have a goodun;