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Ready to celebrate!

March 23, 2015
Posted at 2:20 pm

Tonight, Chapter 116, the last chapter of LNDtH1, will post. I'll be taking about a month break from posting the story and then will begin LNDtH2 "Part VI: The Ranch". It will begin posting as a new serial, so when Chapter 116 posts tonight you will see it suddenly dropped from the Top Downloads and Top Scores for Active Serials. It is a satisfying conclusion to this phase of the story and is a great time to escape if you've been hanging on but are kind of tired of it.

At ~700,000 words, LNDtH1 is as long as the entire "Model Student" series. I expect LNDtH2 to be just as long. It has been exactly 11 months since I started posting, adding a chapter every three days. What a ride! Thank you to all who have commented and rated the story.

But I want to celebrate and give something away. Since Redtail has been nominated for two Clitoride Awards in the categories of "Best Erotic Western Story" and "Best Incest Story" I thought I'd offer the book to anyone who would like the Kindle version for free this week. Starting tomorrow (March 24) Redtail: An Erotic Paranormal Romance Western Mystery will be available from Amazon for free at Download it before March 28 when the special offer ends, please! If you like my stories and don't have a Kindle, I encourage you to download it anyway. You can also download PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, or tablet Kindle readers for free. What's great is that this improves the stories rankings on Kindle and draws others' attention to the stories of Devon Layne. You can really help me there.

Also, please go to and vote for Redtail in those two categories. I'll reward you for that by starting to post the sequel, Blackfeather, around the first of April. I can't commit to the exact date yet as my editors are still working on it and I have half a dozen chapters yet to finish. If you liked Redtail, I'm pretty sure you'll like Blackfeather: An Erotic Paranormal Romance Western Adventure. It's a whole new take on time travel and incest, falling in love, ménage à trois, Wyoming, ranches, wolves, and guns. And sex. Did I mention there was a little sex in it? Just a little. :)