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The Pleasure Was Mine

March 18, 2015
Posted at 5:02 pm

Just got back to my humble abode after a couple days on the go. Met cousins I'd never met before at a baseball game and then had a marvelous family St. Pat's Day dinner filled with stories and good times. This morning, I met with the phenomenal Number 7, author of "Second Chance." We talked about story philosophy, directions, our histories, and the differences and similarities in our writing approach. I love meeting other writers and hope to continue that as I start moving northward from Florida again at the end of April. Thank you Number 7 for a great morning!

This afternoon, I couldn't make it all the way back without stopping at Starbucks and spending an hour inflicting the latest horrors on my characters in "Blackfeather." I wrote last night and this morning, but the several hours of driving had left me full to the brim with ideas and dialog. I had to stop and get it down. Now, before I start happy hour, I plan to knock out another chapter of the rewrite. I'm still hoping to start posting near April 1.

In the meantime, there are two more chapters of LNDtH to come. Enjoy!