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Mom's contributions ...

March 16, 2015
Posted at 1:05 pm

My mom is starting to have some fun with this little project. I still do most of the dreary part - - the typing - - although she now writes an occasional page or two. Her main contribution is on the creative side. She comes up with story ideas, characters, plot lines, specific scenes and some of the dialogue. If she follows through, Mom is going to write a story herself and post it under my name. She's curious if discerning readers will spot it. We'll see.

Most of the mail we receive is positive. Mom did want to post this 'Warning' story note we received because some readers have been curious why our scores are relatively low:

Message from Anonymous. DO NOT REPLY:

It is interesting to see to what level a writer
can sink to. I gave this story the lowest point
possible, the story was horribel and the writing