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Chapter 322 of Book 3 is in the queue

March 13, 2015
Posted at 4:06 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...They settled in to enjoy the vid, as they had before, and a little later, both men chuckled at Morales' antics as he dug the holes for the larger poles in the cave walls. "Shit, that's gotta be a bitch trying to dig that deep a hole only a few inches or so off the floor and parallel to it," Jeff commented as Morales began.

Morales had tried several ways, then settled on slamming the post hole digger between his legs while on his knees - nude - his dick flopping around looking ridiculous with every lunge of the hole digger. He didn't slack up, though, but continued to attack the dirt wall of the cave, his movements almost violent. It wasn't long before his sweating body was covered in dust and dirt.

The wall Morales was digging into was hard-packed, to understate, and consequently, he was forced to put forth the maximum amount of effort to make the blades of the digger bite into the dirt. On one particular straining thrust of the digger, he farted - long and loud.

"Well," Whitworth said past a snigger, "sounded like he put everything he had into that one." Then after a pause, "That fucker is determined. I'll give him that." There was a hint of… pride, or perhaps grudging respect, in the General's voice.

Later, after the vid skipped forward, they heard the saber tooth let out an almost deafening roar. Morales, in his anger and frustration, shot a bird toward the entrance to his cave and shouted out, "Come get me, kitty-cat!"

"Looks as if our boy is a bit pissed," the General commented.

Then a little later, they heard Morales mutter, "One of us is going to die, and soon."...

Have a goodun;