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Progress Report

March 12, 2015
Posted at 2:48 pm

I have three or four stories in various states of halfway completedness. This one, started as I awakened from a dream. What do you think?


(backstory: Sandra had broken up with the most recent boyfriend, and my wife had left me for The New Model. We had chatted from time to time regarding the vagaries of relationships, and the contemporary dating scene. Somebody was going to grad school, and our work crew gathered to celebrate)

We were at a bar with the other people from work. Seats were at a premium, and so she sat on my lap. As she sat down my left hand went to her sacrum to steady her as she settled herself and of course, I caressed one buttock as she settled upon me. Turning to me she arched one eyebrow, and observed "I know what you're doing!"

I gathered my best innocent expression. "Who, me? What?"

I was a bit surprised that she snuggled her butt into my rapidly thickening cock. She continued "You're trying to feel the goodies! And I can tell, you like what you feel!" She wriggled a little more to emphasize the point.

I responded "Perhaps I should do some more testing to see how thoroughly I like what I'm seeing?"

Again she wriggled on my lap. "Oh no, I can tell plenty well you like it just fine! "

My left hand drifted down her back and met her waist band, and continued south. Slowly I explored her firm derriere, cupping each buttock briefly, and then moving on to explore further.

Her right arm went around the back of my neck. She leaned into me somewhat, and murmured in my ear, "I think this could be the beginning of an interesting evening! Let's bookmark this place, and return to later, and see where we go from here!"

Eventually our little gathering broke up, and I wandered out, finding Sandra leaning on my truck. "Well here we are. Remember that bookmark?"

I responded "I certainly do, and I can hardly wait to see what develops next! Going my way? "

I helped her up into my truck, entered, and seatbelted myself, and off we went.

Once we arrived at my home, I'll opened the door for her and ushered her inside. We dropped our paraphernalia, and I went to sit upon the sofa. Sandra, rather than sitting beside me or in one of the other chairs, settled upon my lap. "I remember this spot! My very favorite!" She reached her left arm around my neck and settled in. As I sat there gazing at her, she reached around behind me, grasped my right hand, and settled settled it upon her butt. "That's the piece that was missing! Now where to go from here? "

Once again, I explored her taut buttocks. With my left hand I started rubbing her tummy over her shirt. She leaned into me, purring, as my left hand insinuated itself between the buttons of her shirt and started to explore the firm skin beneath.

This encouraged me. I began to release buttons, one by one, and caressed each newly exposed expanse of skin. Finally, the shirt was hanging limply from her shoulders, and my hand had full access to her front. I discovered that she'd had the foresight to select a front opening brassiere today, and I capitalized upon this fact, exposing her firm youthful orbs to my eager view.

If her whimpers were any indication, Sandra approved of our petting. Her nipples sat up right, and I tweaked and caressed them. Bending my head, I suckled each teat, my tongue testing the turgor of each nipple.

She rolled her head back, and, shrugging her shoulders, dropped her bra and blouse behind her. I continued to tease and nibble upon her teats, flicking her erect nipples with my tongue, and drawing them out with my teeth. She pressed my head more firmly into her chest, moaning her approval. She began to undulate her hips, rubbing her firm ass against my turgid cock. I felt the electricity began to collect between us.

As I had explored the wonders of her breasts, my right hand had not been idle. By this point, I had slid my hand beneath her waistband, and was caressing her buttocks. I slipped my left hand downwards, and released the button holding her jeans together. As I slid the zipper down, Sandra lifted her hips, and assisted me in removing her pants with a wiggle of her hips.

Settling back upon me, she turned, straddling me now, and began to rub her pantied pudenda against my rigid tool, still encased in denim.