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"The Agreement" released on Kindle

March 11, 2015
Posted at 8:34 am

Good morning! I'm happy to announce that Living Next Door to Heaven Book 2: The Agreement has now been released on Kindle at

The Agreement covers Brian's freshman year in high school and the creation of the dating group agreement. There are a lot of sexy situations in this story, but as you will recall from the serial here on SOL, there is no penetration until late in Book 4. The book has been extensively revised and edited. Character names, place names, and some situations have been changed and expanded. It may be confusing to read the version on SOL and the eBook at the same time!

It took a little longer than anticipated to get this volume up. I anticipated it going live last week, but I really struggled with the ending. I believe it is much improved and provides a good launching point for Book 3: Foolish Wisdom.

Tonight, Chapter 112 of LNDtH will post here on SOL. That means there are only four more chapters to go. Before LNDtH2 begins posting, I will be releasing "Blackfeather," the sequel to "Redtail." After some extremely strong comments from my editor, Jason Black, Blackfeather will come out a much better story and I'm spending the time to really get it in top shape before I start posting. This book expands on the concept of time travel established in the first book and the travelers discover that Cole didn't know all the rules. It will also take a twist on incest that I have not seen explored before.

Watch for more news on this and other stories in both the LNDtH series and the 'Erotic Paranormal Romance Western Mystery' series!