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homepage, and new chapter

March 10, 2015
Posted at 9:31 pm


A new chapter has randomly appeared, one that will assume you've read The Spirit of Poland. I hope you enjoy. There are two things I should probably mention. First, the score of the story has gone up, now just barely an 8. I blame this on readers finally figuring out what the damn thing's about, as if you don't get the "Wizards of Nowy Poland" reference it probably wasn't obvious. Second, readership for chapter 9 is much lower than the other chapters. I uploaded it with chapter 10, and it's possible some of you missed it. So, if certain things regarding Harveen's relationship with Liuz confuse you, go back and read chapter 9.

In other news, I reordered the stories on my homepage a bit, putting the series together and placing some of my favorites on the front page. See if I can trick people into reading them.