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Breaking the sequence

March 7, 2015
Posted at 10:47 pm

I sort of jumped out of my sequence this time. I usually post one chapter of one of the two active stories after one from the other.

This week I broke that. I got kind of wrapped up in Park This! and wrote two chapters back to back. Well, not really. I was flipping back and forth between chapters of both stories.

Cindy's mom shows up in Community, so I was excited about that, and I was also excited about the trio in Park This! and couldn't leave either of them alone.

I just posted Chapter 3 of Park This!. It should hit shortly. and I just sent Chapter 4 off to the editor, so that should hit in a day or two. Further, I'm at about 75% of that chapter of Community, so in a day or two it should go out.

And as always, I appreciate all the kind comments and story suggestions. You guys are great!