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Chapter 321 of Book 3 is in the queue

March 6, 2015
Posted at 4:02 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...As the Clan Queen reached for the boxes to compare the games, Billy appeared on Selina's shoulder while Spike and Sugar appeared an instant later on the table, scattering lists everywhere. Sensing that Billy was behind them, they whirled around, preparing to go after him, scattering more paperwork. But before either could attack or teleport again, Diana snarled, "No," and grabbed Billy.

"How did they get down here?" she asked nobody in particular.

"They have been to the basement before, so they can teleport anytime they wish," Selina explained.

"Teleport?" Eileen repeated, weakly. "Your cats and dogs can teleport?"

"Well, these three can," Diana said in an almost snarl as she grabbed Spike with her other hand and held him up nose to nose with her. "None of you are supposed to be down here."

"Woof," the puppy responded, wagging his tail furiously.

"Mmeeow," Billy added in seeming explanation.

"I was not praising any of you. I was scolding you," she said, barely keeping her face straight, as she stared at first one, then the other, not leaving out Sugar, who had sat down to stare up at her giving off a doggy grin.

"Woof!" both puppies exclaimed, wagging their tails faster.

"Arlene!" Diana yelled out. "Come get your puppy. Where's Hope?" she added.

"I'm here," Hope said, running up.

Diana had put Spike on the table, and Billy seized the moment to wiggle free and jump down on Spike's head, driving the puppy's nose into a stack of papers. That sparked retaliation from Sugar who had the chance to bite the end of Billy's tail.

The tiny feline responded with, "Meeeoowww. Ppfffsssttt. Ppfffsssttt," and a swipe of his claws just before Spike launched himself into what was rapidly becoming a melee, albeit mostly a mock one, but Eileen didn't know that.

With a, "Whap, whap, whap," the three disappeared, and a few seconds later the humans heard a stack of boxes fall.

With a louder, "Whap," of displaced air, Selina was gone too, the paper she had been holding fluttering to the table.

Eileen, face white, muttered, "I think I need to sit down," and did so...

Have a goodun;