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Chapter 12 preview

March 2, 2015
Posted at 7:09 pm

This week on Adam and the Ants:

"It's not okay!" she sobbed. "You have always been a friend to me, and I've been such a bitch to you. I just... I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I thought that I was growing up and maturing and I hadn't seen you so I didn't consider that you were growing up and maturing too and..." She stopped to take a sobbing breath. "Can you forgive me? I promise I'll talk to the El- I mean, um, the kids at Tito's and get the teasing to stop." A tear ran down her cheek, cleaning a tiny trail through the sooty smudge.

I reached up with my thumb and wiped the tear way, smearing more soot onto her face in the process. "How could I stay mad at a face like this?" I asked. We gazed into each other's eyes- Just like that day last summer-

This week's songs are After the Fire by Roger Daltrey and Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. The Adam and the Ants 'soundtrack' is available for free listening on Spotify at