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Valentine's Day Contest Winner!

March 1, 2015
Posted at 10:37 am

Wow! I just received word that my story "100 Days" won the Valentine's Day story contest at SOL. I am so stoked!

It also comes with a few limitations. Having agreed to the contest rules, the story will be available only to premier members at Stories Online for six months. After that time, it will be available on the site's free area. Please don't ask me to send a copy so you can read it as I've agreed to SOL's exclusive rights as part of the contest.

I couldn't say anything about this entry in previous posts because part of the rules state that it is to be a blind competition and saying anything that would let people know what my entry was would be grounds for disqualification. That also means, though, that people actually voted on the merits of the story and not because they recognized my name. That pleases me no end.

As I've been doing a bit lately, I stepped way outside my comfort zone with this story. It's not like anything else I've written. Frankly, I was afraid it wasn't romantic enough to even compete in this contest, but the readers determined otherwise. It borrows the theme of Bill Murray's "Ground Hogs Day." A man in a mess is doomed to repeat Valentine's Day over and over until he gets it right. But Dallas faces some real hurdles that he has to get right and some scenes are truly horrifying. They are his motivation to finally do something for someone else instead of always thinking about himself. It's a Do-over. And over. And over. And...

I'm in some really good company in the top three with Jack Spratt and Radley Black taking second and third. This is some really good reading! If you are a premier member at SOL, I hope you will read and enjoy!