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Chapter 320 of Book 3 is in the queue

February 27, 2015
Posted at 3:40 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

..."I… don't want to make a pig of myself," Eileen hesitantly replied.

"You're not. Most of us tend to snack while we wait. Remember, we've been enhanced, too. Your appetite will become more normal in a few days, but Jeff and Diana tell us that we'll always eat more than the average person, and… enjoy it more, too."

"Everything is better," Kathy added. "Sex, food, eyesight, hearing…"

Both Kathy and Jill noticed the blush Eileen suddenly sported.

"Used your vibrator, I imagine?" Kathy asked with a grin, but when she saw the look on Eileen's face, they all stopped.

"Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about," Jill broke in to say. "Bill bought us a great assortment of the very best vibrators. If he isn't there and we aren't doing anything, a few self-induced or vibrator-induced orgasms can be just the thing. And from time to time, he likes to use the toys on us. We darn sure don't mind, either," she finished with a sexy little giggle.

"And… we share," Kathy added as she and Jill passed a look. Then turning back to Eileen, "Before you think anything about that, remember, we share a man, and even though we're not really bi, we do play with each other sometimes because our man likes to see us, so sharing a vibrator isn't a big thing."

After a moment, Kathy knew that there was something else. "We're going to be sister-wives. You can ask us anything."

Eileen hesitated before going on. "Uh, do the three of you… I mean, does one of you sleep with Bill one night and the other the next night…" Eileen stumbled to a halt when she saw the big grins on the faces of the other two.

"Sweetie, you still have no real idea what an Alpha is. We mentioned some of this, but until you experience it yourself, it's hard to believe. We both sleep with him every night, and he makes love to both of us every night, unless something happens to interrupt that. Jeff sleeps with all his wives every night - well, if they're all here. Some of the time, Joyce is at work. Remember what we told you about touching each other as our Alpha makes love to us?" At Eileen's hesitant nod, Kathy went on, "He can make love to us that way, or just screw each of us unconscious - separately. He's an Alpha and an enhanced Alpha."...

Have a goodun;