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A.I. - Chapter 26-28

February 20, 2015
Posted at 12:07 am

Well, I was a little premature Wednesday. This is actually the beginning of the new section. I've posted three chapters since they make up a sequence of sorts.
I think this answers a few of the questions I've had e-mailed to me. Readers have kept telling me Jack and Lisa were taking risks and would do much better to leave the country. I suppose that could have been managed, but how many of you would care for the idea of becoming a voluntary exile in your early 20s? Better, I thought, for them to hang in and prepare for the possibility of discovery.
Besides, moving abroad wouldn't be proof against what happened. One reader suggested that they might be happy in Sweden. Given that they both (like I myself) dislike cold winters, I beg to differ. Anyhow, let's say they'd followed my reader's suggestion and then Janet chose to vacation in Stockholm. Now, that could turn into a real international mess, one that even Spook might have trouble with.
Thanks again to my readers and all those who've bought the complete novel (as well as my other ones) on Amazon.