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Things that scare a muse

February 18, 2015
Posted at 5:30 pm

Real job work load. I've been busy. Yeah, it's mostly mental, but after a day of counting beans and doing paperwork, things I hate, when I finally sit down, the muse keeps herself hidden.

My aging back has gone on strike. I have stenosis pinching a nerve to my leg, and the only things that help are opiates (Drugs're GOOD, Mmm-kay?) and a weird position that pulls the spine into a position taht relieves pressure on that nerve. Neither of those is something that my little muse wants to deal with.

That said, writing may be a bit spotty, but believe me, I have stories to tell, so the writing WILL happen.

Incidentally, the version of Chapter 57 of Community posted today is raw and unedited. I will replace it with the edited version as soon as I get it back. I figured you folks'd want to see something sooner rather than later.