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February 16, 2015
Posted at 8:36 am

I am occasionally reminded by a kind reader that my story is "just fiction." And if my readers aren't reminding me, I'm reminding myself. But just as frequently, I get email telling me how much some one loves a particular character or commenting on how much I love them.

Yeah, I live in my own fantasy world where I can have a fantastic relationship with a dozen cute, sexy girls and no one is jealous or shy. It's great. Most of the time, though, I can separate my fantasy from my reality.

At the same time, within the context of a fabulous fantasy, I try to treat my characters with the same kindness and respect that they expect from each other, and I try to treat them honestly. I received a long email from a reader regarding curing Rhonda's depression in LNDtH. A key segment to me was:

"The damage is so severe, so deep, so ingrained that it takes a good long time. Honestly, if you do it under 18 months I'd say you're pushing it in a huge way."

I've read way to many stories in which a person deep in depression has fantastic sex and is suddenly cured.

Ain't gonna happen. In the upcoming chapters, you will see continued progress for Rhonda but it won't be instant. It wouldn't be fair to either you or her. There will be plenty of hot sex integrated into the storyline, but my reader had it correct. It takes a good long time to get past the kind of damage and issues that Rhonda is experiencing. While there will be intensely emotional scenes, I'm not letting the story sink into the mire of despair. Everyone has to learn to cope.

I might not always be successful and I thank you for your indulgence when my fantasies become too unrealistic. (Hey, no one has sex in zero gravity!) I pledge to do my best to treat the story and characters honestly.

Thanks for all your comments!