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More Chapters on the Whey

February 12, 2015
Posted at 6:26 pm

ive been getting lodes of quearies about when the next chapter of MRFTT is going to cum out.

ive been very busy four so long so its been diffickult to find the time. and theirs been the problem with my gf whose throne out all my clothes and forminiture and my pc witch got fucked and the visit from the IR and the trowels whoove been following me on Factbook and the snowsturms and the draught in Calfinornica and the way ive tried to get Obamacare but its been diffident and the whey the Dems make it dammed hoard to get bills past in Cungress and the illections cumming witch will get a GOP president (but not a libbral like Job Bush or CXhristie or Mutt Rimmey) and the riggters block and lots of other rissons witch I aint gotten time to torq about.

and ive had difffficulty finding a new editor for the nex chapter but when it cums out itll be reel good.

even better than the furst chapter wh=itch lots of people votted best storie ever!!! that's like the Oscars or the grannies or the superbowel!!

I kno your all loookg forword to it but its gonna be here soon just as soooon as I get the elektrickity back on, sort out the plumming, get the bunk manger off my bak about the morguage and get a nue job. and do something about the gout and the war wound and the ttttehth that kip folling out.

itll be hear soon. don't wurryy.