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February 11, 2015
Posted at 7:43 am

Odd Man In series stories

Odd Man In College
This story was written in early 2013 and been sitting around since. The original story came about as a variation on the same theme behind Finding Home and I wished to explore the variation. However, I ran into issues with the later part of the story and it got put on hold. In a recent re-read I realised I could cut off the last part of the story and post the first half of the original story plot as a stand alone story and the troublesome bit can be a sequel when I get it finished. That's what I've done. So, yes, there is a sequel in the works - no time frame at moment.

Lyn's College Housing - yes, legally this is wrong and he's open to charges. But this is a significant plot twist and I claim poetic licence on ignoring the legalities.

Lyn's Citizenship - the situation is Lyn has triple citizenship: UK derived from his father (a Welshman with dual UK / Aust citizenship), USA derived from his mother, and Australian citizenship by birth and his father's Australian citizenship. He is entitled to have a passport from each country, and does.

Court Outcomes on sanity. There are legal pathways, in some US states, for someone charge with insanity to legally own guns, but they are long and involved, in most cases. Trying NOT to give away too much of what comes later - a large part of this story is PERCEPTIONS. The first cops perceive Lyn as a girl, so do the college housing people. He and Doreen have perceptions about the outcomes of the court case. Dave isn't so sure and seeks advice (that comes out later). What we have is Lyn seeing his planned future as a Marine go down the drain, his alternate as a law enforcement office also gurgles away, that's HIS perception, one Doreen sees as well. Is it true, well, read the story and find out.

Any appearance in court is a hearing because the judge or magistrate 'hears' the matter. Also, in any hearing the matter may be heard in full or set aside for later or dismissed. In many cases, when a case is first heard, due to the legal requirement to present the accused to a judge at the first reasonable opportunity, neither side is ready to present their whole case so the matter is set aside for a later date. In Lyn's case the judge makes a few personal observations on the situation and proceeds to finalise the case at the request of the accused. When the accused wishes to go ahead with the case the prosecution has to have some darned good reasons to give the judge why they need to defer the full hearing; they do NOT have an automatic right to defer the case. They should have sufficient evidence to go to trial and win before they make an arrest.

Some people are insisting Lyn's appearance in court is a Preliminary Hearing and thus the judge can't give a ruling. A Preliminary Hearing is solely to evaluate the evidence to see if there's a case to answer - probable cause. Lyn was arrested by a court issued Warrant. To get the warrant issued this had to be proven to the judge, thus the requirements of a preliminary hearing have already been carried out in front of a judge and this can't be a preliminary hearing. Also, I called it his initial hearing, not a Preliminary Hearing - which has a specific legal meaning in some US states.

Captain Miller - The scene tells up both were in the military and worked on the same base or in the same unit in the past. It sets the scene about some of the later things in regards to Dave. The scene shows they know each other, and why Miller has changed uniforms, while showing he has a lot of respect for Dave. It also helps to explain why he's so happy to give Dave full access to the other information they have on the incident. Being an incidental scene with an incidental character, it needed no more.

Early comment on another author - I did NOT identify a specific author. Although I know of two authors who write a lot of stories set in and around Tampa, Florida they set them in FICTIONAL businesses, while in this comment I state the author uses REAL LIFE businesses. It's not a direct finger pointing at anyone.

Also, anyone is free to mention an issue in anyone else's work without having to be perfect to everyone else. Otherwise no one will get informed of any issues and never correct them. Stating a fact about some issues in an author's work is NOT denigrating them. To denigrate them I'd need to be make false statements about their works that aren't complimentary.

Christmas Breakfast I had them give it an Aussie theme by calling it a Bonza Breakfast because it's sponsored by an Aussie,

Barrett .50 cal - some people say it isn't a sniper rifle, I refer them to the following Wikipedia pages, and please note the effective ranges of 1,800 to 2,000 metres or 6,600 feet. The M95, M82A2, and M82A3 are used on personnel as well as vehicles, which is why the M1022 round was developed. There are recorded incidents of long range anti-personnel sniper shots with the Barrett .50 cal rifles.

The main crux of the story is perceptions, how people see things as against what they are. I've had a few people speak of the gun laws and how I represent them. This story was written in early 2013, the Georgia gun laws have changed since then. However, the main point is Lyn perceives himself as legally banned from having any gun without supervision due to the court case. I make no claim about the legal status one way or another, it's how he and Doreen see the matter, and all else flows on from that perception. After that the actual laws are irrelevant to the story because they don't come into play.