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February 10, 2015
Posted at 1:48 pm

Thanks to everybody who commented about my becoming a grandfather yet again. This is my 4th granddaughter. It seems the gene for grandsons has passed me by, and the family name will die out in this branch. Oh well. She's pretty cute and is already driving my little girl nuts. Couldn't happen to a nicer child! Grandchildren are a grandparent's revenge. My wife and I are laughing our asses off over this.

Grim is still growing up, and making the usual mistakes we all did at that age. I think we can all remember back to those days.

I am working on cleaning up the dialog punctuation. It seems as if I was taught the incorrect method 50 years ago, and by now it is totally automatic on my part. I need to generate an automated method (a macro or something) to clean up my chapters. Bear with me if you notice this in any chapters on the site. Thanks.

- rlfj